How the Dome and it's Tribe Saved my Life

To the onlooker unfamiliar with the music festival subcultures, what a circus it may seem to be! Imagine that it's a dark, warm summer night.  You're driving through inky blackness, miles past any town or streetlamp.  As you gaze up from the road to the sparkling, diamond filled sky, you breathe a sigh of relief and reach to turn the volume up.  When you first spot it, you aren't sure what to make of it at all. As you speed around the highway 's' curve feeling the defintition of freedom, out of nowhere on the left side of the road is a large, geodasic dome with lights changing colors with vibrance like you've never seen.  Crowds of people dancing through the darkness, as if pulled by some invisible leash of love with only their smiles and each other to light the way.  You have to stop and check it out, and after finding the price at the gate to be exponentially lower than you expected, you are welcomed into a surreal existance and loved as family in a crowd of strangers. You notice that bass fills the air almost around the clock, and suddenly there are more opportunuties for true healing at your fingertips than you could dream to find without having to search through a large city for hours on end.

Pirate Party 2015 Dome Picture