How the Dome and it's Tribe Saved my Life

To the onlooker unfamiliar with the music festival subcultures, what a circus it may seem to be! Imagine that it's a dark, warm summer night.  You're driving through inky blackness, miles past any town or streetlamp.  As you gaze up from the road to the sparkling, diamond filled sky, you breathe a sigh of relief and reach to turn the volume up.  When you first spot it, you aren't sure what to make of it at all. As you speed around the highway 's' curve feeling the defintition of freedom, out of nowhere on the left side of the road is a large, geodasic dome with lights changing colors with vibrance like you've never seen.  Crowds of people dancing through the darkness, as if pulled by some invisible leash of love with only their smiles and each other to light the way.  You have to stop and check it out, and after finding the price at the gate to be exponentially lower than you expected, you are welcomed into a surreal existance and loved as family in a crowd of strangers. You notice that bass fills the air almost around the clock, and suddenly there are more opportunuties for true healing at your fingertips than you will find without searching through a large city for hours on end.  These people clothe eachother, feed eachother, and look out for the well being of all while simultaneously making memories and showing unconditional love until the very moment society demands their presence to stop and show up elsewhere, labeling it as responsibility, or 'real life'.

Pirate Party 2015 Dome Picture

Once upon a time I was a preschool teacher becoming quickly jaded with my chaostic industry and the ways it affects families and children.  As I got ready for a rave in Februaury of 2015, I made a quip about needing to escape my stressful lifestyle and become immersed in the EDM industry, only in the moment it came out like; "I wish I could just get paid to PLUR!" (Plur is the raver code of life, ways of interacting in this world ; Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)  I had no idea how closely the universe was listening.  Literally less than two weeks later, a gentleman who'd unsuccessfully been trying to date me introduced me to a local entertainment comapny called Headyworks.

As far as my opportunity to join the PLUR code full time, as you can guess it had arrived! All doors to this goal swung wide open as my passions grew increasingly recognized and I began taking on roles and projects beyond my intitial role of promoting.  Here was the kind of life I'd lived in daydreams for years, only it was consuming my waking reality!  To help in even the tiniest fashion of planning and facilitating transformational festivals was a dream I did not imagine I would get to fulfill.  This work is tedious, demanding, requires supreme organization, commmuication, ingenuity, and efficiency; it is also hands down some of the most important work I have ever been invovled in. 

Headyworks and DomeVizion might appear to be mastering the art of throwing the ultimate party, but the underlying cultural significance of what is happening at these events contains a force strong enough to change this world in any way deemed necessary. This party in the woods, or rather, gathering in nature is a concept as old as our species.  Humans are social animals by nature. Dancing to the bass, one can somewhat feel the primal beat of our collective heart.  To be surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance for days on end is an experience I wish we could mandate for all.  To be shoved so far out of one's comfort zone that growth becomes the only option.  To let the cares of the world wash away with every twirl, arms open, embracing this beautiful world.  There is so much more than the party happening that it's more of a small book than an easy list. 

I am so grateful that these ancient practices of celebration, togetherness, and co-creation are still flourishing during these modern times of hurt and havoc.  Without it, I do not want to guess where I would be.  I had stopped believing in magick. Letting go, and being intentional keep leading me to the most beautiful things!  I don't know if I told them or not, but that tribe that welcomed me in saved my life.  With art, bass, authentic love and hugs, chocolate coconut water, and hilarious hydration hijinks. Recognizing passion in, and sharing authentically with another can go much further than one can think.  To my tribe-- eternal love and gratitude to each of you.Headyworks and DomeVizion, thank you for all that You are, and all that you do!