Voyage to the Pirate Party // Seattle

Pirate Party 2017,  Mass Sol Collective and HeadyWorks Present

Voyage to the Pirate Party featuring Freddy Todd

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Saturday, July 1
10PM - 2AM

Hoist the sails and get ready to start your Voyage to the Pirate Party! Headyworks and Mas Sol Collective have teamed up to bring none other than Freddy Todd to the Underground in Seattle this July 1st! Plus on local support we have Ovoid, Pilz Beats, and Pressha! Been in the works for months and we are excited to finally share this with you all. Come join us scurvy sea dawgs as we swab the deck and walk the plank. Two best dressed pirates win a prize!

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--- Freddy Todd (Detroit, MI) ---

All Good Records (Detroit/Colorado///GRiZ)
Wakaan (Another Universe/Liquid Stranger/Space Jesus)
Lowtemp (Brooklyn///Gramatik)
Simplify Recordings (Seattle)
Gravitas (Austin)
Car Crash Set (Seattle)
1320 Records (STS9)
Adapted Records (Melbourne, Australia)
Daly City Records (San Francisco)
Wave Form Modulations (Asheville)
Run Riot Records (BC, Canada)
Vermin Street Records (New York)

"Words will inevitably fail to properly describe Freddy Todd. Genre-busting could be an understatement. You can't pin him down with lexicon like lazer-bass and glitch-funk; these phrases fall way short of capturing the expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-traveling qualities of his music. Hearing his music is akin to being abducted by an extra-terrestrial cruise liner where everyone is tripping on space liquid. And if you are lucky enough to witness him produce, you'll see that he fittingly looks just like the captain of said space cruiser, both hands intently gripping his electronics like the instrument panel on the flight deck.

With heavyweight festivals like Coachella, Shambhala, Electric Forest, and Wakarusa to name a few under his belt as well as close ties and collaborations with rockstars like GRiZ, Space Jesus, Thriftworks, Russ Liquid, Mr. Bill, and a handful of other wizard-level jest-stars, there's no stopping this weird and thunderous aerial roll.

Let's bring this back to earth real quick: his motown, soul, blues, jazz, funk, hiphop (and techno for that matter) roots are a given, being born just outside of Detroit in Southfield, MI in 1990. Freddy moved out of his parents house immediately upon turning 18 lusting for the world and the creative juices it has to offer, living briefly in Ferndale, MI at first, then to the outskirts of a rougher part of the city of Detroit near 7 mile and Lahser for two years to live with his jam-tronica progressive rock synth-funk band "Tone Poets", producing for Scrummage hip-hop queen "Breezee One", and wrapping up his second full length studio LP on Simplify Recordings, followed by a year in Chicago working closely with good friend and producer Ludlow (Elfkowitz).
After living in the midwest until the age of 22, his sights were set on the golden west. Moving cross-country and living two years in the Bay Area, living in both the hood of West Oakland followed by the Oakland Hills while writing and releasing the "Golden Tremendous" album on Lowtemp and starting his next EP. After soaking up the Cali vibes, he returned across country for a more wholesome less-congested life-style in the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains in the Appalachians of Asheville, NC (home of Moog Analog Synthesizers) to be closer to family, where he currently resides.

FT is truly a master of his craft not only in the studio but on stages across the globe. Without any pre-recorded sets, Freddy has the skills and the audacity to perform on the fly mixes of 100% original material tailored to his specific audience, mood, and venue each night, be it a theater in northern California, a club in the back alleys of Detroit, or an outdoor festival in the bush off the coast of Australia (occasionally on special nights with his live drummer(s) forming the FT Live Band/Duo). His earth shattering, meticulously programmed beats & rhythms; lazer crunk, funky psychedelic bass & sound design; and brain tingling, intelligently soul-soaked synths, melodies, & field-recorded samples are all sure to shake your consciousness silly as they blast through airwaves out of top notch sound systems across the universe while Freddy serenades you with 100% live & improvised get-your-booty-on-the-floor analog Moog synth and keytar, loop triggering, and percussive drum elements. It's weird out there, but it's also really fun, so definitely be very careful where you don't look."

--- Ovoid (Seattle, WA) ---

--- Pilz Beats (Seattle, WA) ---

--- Pressha (Seattle, WA) ---

The Underground
122 S Washington St. Seattle, WA 98104

Saturday, July 1
10PM - 2AM
21+ // $15 Pre sale // $20 @ The Door

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