Konnexion Festival 2016



HeadyWorks, DomeVizion, and Cityskape present:

Konnexion Festival!


July 15, 16, 17 in scenic Idaho. 18+ w/ID.

Konnexion is the result of a beautifully manifested vision that eventually progressed and developed into a transformational gathering.

Our vision is to breathe life into the mundane by pushing the boundaries of this earthly world through the creation of a temporary sanctuary made up of otherworldly experiences. A co-creative refuge suitable for all like-minded beings, Konnexion devotedly offers attendees an environment to jointly indulge in the celebration of this wonderful life.


Our focus is on intimately connecting with YOU through our special gathering consisting of healing sounds, visionary artwork, and creative workshops that arouse and inspire towards the path of healthy and responsible living.

Our music is specially selected to provide healing by uplifting emotions and generating purpose and ambition. Through the powerful and moving force of sacred sound vibrations, we eliminate the illusion of routine life by renewing our perception of reality in order to create room for personal growth.


We believe in bringing people together
We believe in dancing all night
We believe the stars are magic
We believe in being barefoot
We believe love is the answer
We believe that laughter is medicine
We believe in being the change we want to see
We believe that life is beautiful, and we want to share it
We believe in the power of Konnexion ~


Does Konnexion call out to you?
Konnect with us here: http://www.konnexionmusicfestival.com/help/

Tickets are on sale now:


---\\\\\ 1st Phase lineup has been announced ///////-----



Christopher Lawerence -
LongWalkShortDock -
Evil Oil Man -
Dr. StrangeFunk -
Soulacybin -
Dimibo -
Sixis -
Aaron Jackson -
Soulular -
SpokenBird -
Elevated Mind -
Spacgeisha -
Secret Recipe -
DrumSpyder -
Wu Wei -
SuDs -
The Muzes -
Tribone -
SuperSillyUs -
DeuceParks -
SmokeSign -
LogisticalOne -
Dot Diggler -
Primmer -
Glitch & Swagga -
Beauflexx -
BrainFunk -
Something Spicy -
M.R. Wizard -

More artist TBH ~

Thank you to all that have lovingly continued in supporting KMF and our vision
Stay Konnected ~ more information coming soon


All ticket sales are final.