Still Burning 420 2016


HeadyWorks • DomeVizion • M.R. Wizard Presents:


The 4th Annual ~
○ ○ ☼ { { S T I L L B U R N I N ’ 4 2 0 } } ☼ ○ ○



April 20th | The Pinnacle | 412 W. Sprague, Spokane WA
Doors 8:30 | Event 9:00 – 2:00 AM | 18+ 21+ w/ ID




HeadyWorks • DomeVizion • M.R. Wizard Presents:

The 4th Annual ~
○ ○ ☼ { { S T I L L B U R N I N ’ 4 2 0 } } ☼ ○ ○

April 20th | The Pinnacle | 412 W. Sprague, Spokane WA
Doors 8:30 | Event 9:00 – 2:00 AM | 18+ 21+ w/ ID


✦ Headyworks is bringin’ back the heat with our 4th annual Still Burnin’ 420 gathering! ~ Prepare yourselves for another amazing n’ blazing evening intended to celebrate our joint love of freedom, intergalactic bass music, sacred arts, and individuality that is sure to fuel the fire in your hearts.

✦M.R. Wizard is bringin’50,000 watts of Turbo sound for that extra bass.
✦3D mind-bending & multi-dimensionally mapped visuals by Valis & Squirrel.
✦Local merchandise & garments vending.


{{ A R T I S T S } }

✧ Kaminanda
Seductive, vibrant, and adventurous, Kaminanda’s ethno/tantric infused Shamanic rhythms take listeners on a journey through magical landscapes winding n weaving, ever-evolving. With six composed albums to his name, Kaminanda’s tribal hybridelica creations are masterpieces to be experienced.
Facebook – Kaminanda.
Soundcloud –

✧ Drumspyder
An accomplished percussionist/producer specializing in the tambourine and framedrum families, Drumspyder musically manifests slinky n kinky beats that intertwine traditional melodies with bass-fusion electronica. Inspired by Celtic and South-European modalities, prepare to be aroused and energized by Drumspyder’s sensual and hypnotic sounds.
Facebook – Drumspydermusic
Soundcloud – Drumspyder

✧ Spoken Bird
Blending poly-tempo, electic headnodic beats that captivate, prepare for a full body vibratory orgasms as the bass waves wash over you, massaging mind, body and soul.
Facebook – Spokenbird
Soundcloud – Spokenbird

A stylized fusion of dub-reggae & glitch-funk, with deep bass grooves & constant soul, 2CBEATS’ intuitive knowledge of crowd dynamics shines through his mixes, as positive vibrations erupt from the dance floor in fits of laughter and funky happy people!
Facebook – Deejay2cbeatz
Soundcloud – DJ2cbeatz

M.R. Wizard

{ { P E R F O R M A N C E S } }
✧ Liv Lucid
Vexx, is an aspiring artist of many flavors. Ranging from the strength and complexities of aerial arts, to her charming ability to move her body with hoops of light & fire, or tribal fusion style belly dance techniques.
Facebook – Vexx44

✧ Flux Frequencies
Flux is an enchanting duo of performers who share the same passion for creative arts. Their unique & groovy performances aim to inspire, allure, & connect with all divine souls that they come across.
Facebook – Fluxfreqperformance

✧ Vertical Elements Ent.
Vertical Elements is taking Spokane’s circus arts to a new level of professionalism and skill via captivating fire performances, elegant aerial artistry, engaging stilt walkers and hoop dancers. Facebook – VerticalElementsEnt


{ { ARTS } }
✧ Meltamorphosis Designs
Allie Hanlon combines amazing fractal patterns with the human body using her unique air brushing techniques. Her airbrushed sacred geometry on the physical temple completely changes the way we experience the art. To see her work at a live show is to see infinite possibilities of patterns, colors and movement.
Facebook – Meltamorphosis

☼In honor of Bernie Sanders, we’re feeling the Bern & we know you are too!
☼We can’t wait to celebrate with you at Still Burnin’ 420 ~

18+ 21+ w/Full bar – ID required
Tickets on sale this friday!





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